Marine Debris Game

FOMA is pleased to host and present a new marine debris game, Race to Midway Atoll. This educational activity summarizes information from a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Marine Debris Grant project, administered by FOMA over the past 2.5 years.

Race to Midway Atoll is an interactive game that takes approximately 10 minutes to play, involving two players or teams of players. The game is designed to educate players about the threat of marine debris on Midway Atoll and its inhabitants.

Playing the Game: Players will also learn HOW THEY CAN HELP prevent marine debris where they live. There are six Midway/Marine Debris factsheets that can be downloaded from the FOMA website that contain all of the information needed to answer the game questions.

Albatross on Midway
Green Sea Turtle Facts
Laysan Albatross Facts
Marine Debris at Midway
Monk Seal Facts
Ocean Currents

There are also suggestions for educators and parents in the READ ME FIRST and Education Resource documents.

In November, 2007, the Friends of Midway Atoll were awarded a grant in the amount of $100,000 from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for the Midway Atoll Marine Debris Coastal Monitoring Project to:

  • Help monitor the types of marine debris that are deposited on Midway’s beaches
  • Develop baseline data to identify and target debris sources
  • Develop a solid waste removal plan to transport legacy and marine debris wastes off the island for recycling on Oahu
  • Develop an education campaign to promote better stewardship regarding solid waste management in the Pacific Region

The Dow Chemical Company contributed matching funds of $100,000 for this project and provided additional support in the chemical identification of various forms of debris unidentifiable by visual inspection to assist in understanding debris types found on Midway and possible sources.